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Tree Planting

Trees are our best friends. They play a very important role in our life. We cannot live without them.

We need them for oxygen and good health.

Trees also help to control pollution: They absorb carbon dioxide. They improve our environment. They cause rainfall and protect water resources under the ground. They prevent floods and droughts.

Therefore, we should try our best to grow more trees. Trees are indeed a great source of health not only to natural areas but the society. Our tree planting project aim is to involve the as many members of the community as possible to join us on a tree planting day. Watch this spacce!

Art on the park

Art on the park aim is to bring art to the natural environment and transform the park into an art gallery. Derek trhough his own pieces of painting connects to other organisations to bring more artists and involve the community

Community engagement

The core of our activities is to always engage with the surrounding community

- Local schools

Bounds Green School - Lessons in the park

- Local libraries

Exhibition at Alexandra Park Library

- Local police

Attending meetings with police liaison

- Local businesses

Support and sponsorship from SMEs in the area

Little friends of the park

Our little friends of the park project is an ongoing activity aimed to involve the local children in how to conserve natural areas. Activities are but not limited to: tree planting / bird feed / painting / bug hunt etc. If you have any ideas or would like to participate, just get in touch via our contact tab.

Nice and tidy

​We are always looking for people who'd like to spend some time in helping to keep the area nice and tidy. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail if you have a pair/or pairs of hand to spare.

Community day 

Day in the park where the community comes together to enjoy the park and exchange ideas.


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