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Friends of Springfield Park Nature Area

Minutes of AGM 28th January 2016

Present: Councillor Joanna Christophides (Ward Councillor), Dave Morris (Haringey Friends of Parks Forum), Thiago Campos (Communications Officer), Tony Healey (Haringey Parks), Rebecca Reed (Secretary), Derek Kingsland (Chair), Julie Khan (Treasurer), Susan Baker (local resident)

Apologies: Mahi Parvin

Constitution drawn up: Dave Morris advised based on current Haringey Parks provision. It was decided that the Constitution is a democratic document based on the needs of friends in this specific geographical area anticipating there will be expectations from friends of the whole park. Derek pointed out that future meetings and a review of the Constitution will happen in Spring and summer this year.

Election of Officers: Agreed Derek to become Chair.  Agreed Thiago become Communications Officer.   Agreed Rebecca become Secretary. Agreed Julie becomes Treasurer.

SPNA newsletter: Thiago reported that the purpose was to inform people of forthcoming events and activities via email and a printed A5 flyer. 50 copies were anticipated for local residents. Quarterly publication in line with the seasons. Distribution via mail box and notice board in park as well as the local library.

Bank Account: It was agreed unanimously that RBS would be approached regarding opening an account.

Art work: Derek reported that Mahi and Prince have booked up the local Alexandra Park library and the art work would be displayed in September for 1 month and possibly during the summer holiday.

Police presence: Derek pointed that there has been a high level of security in the local area specifically from PC Noel who has a link with local schools and has been helpful. Joanna mentioned she would bring this issue up at the Award Panel Meeting.

Storage: Derek reported that once funds were available, he intends to buy a shed to store bird seed, garden tools and other equipment etc

Albert Road Friends Group: Dave suggested SPNA work with this group in order to collaborate on ideas and seek advice as the group gets up and running.

Haringey Friends of Parks Forum: Dave suggested some members need to be added to the mailing list, which currently has 40 odd groups in the borough, in order to publicise SPNA and keep everyone ‘in the loop’ as well as keep up to date with issues such as lobbying the council for adequate resources, anticipated cuts to park services, the need for  a collective working party, the bringing together of a joint love of green spaces, the desire to have a park space to provide a proper service.

Date of next Parks Forum meeting: 6th February 10am – 1pm. Bruce Castle Museum. Open to all.

Next meeting: tbc (Tony to look into a different venue; Albert Road recreation Ground was suggested).


Derek Kingsland (Chair)……………………………  Rebecca Reed (Secretary)……………………………………

Springfield Community Park Natural Area

Annual General Meeting



Neil Churchill

Jessica Noakes

Irene Rybinska

Susan Baker

Thiago Campos

David Ellingham

Julie Khan

Derek Kingsland


Date: Tuesday 8 May 2018

Time: 19:30

Location: Woodentots Nursery, 128 Myddleton Road N22 8NQ



1. Opening of meeting

Derek welcomed the group and thanked Paula Woodman for the kind use of Woodentots nursery as a place to hold this years AGM. The attendees expressed gratitude and thanks.


2. History of the past year and TVC

Derek provided an update on the role of TVC and how supportive they have been in terms of advising / guiding how things should be run and what plants to recommend. It is important to have this support in place as they have been fundamental in ensuring Springfield Park remains a natural nature park. There is also the opportunity to visit a carbon copy site in Haringay to see how Springfield could look like. It was also pointed out that there was always a need for volunteers to help.


3. Web Page and Communications

Thiago provided an update on the status of the Facebook page. The facebook page was half way to completion. Next steps was to sort out mailing lists and create a channel for two way feedback possibly with a newsletter to be sent out once a month.  There was also a need to provide an update on the history of the park and explain the great progress made over the last 2-3 years as well as looking forward to what the future of the park will look like.


Question: Is it possible to tell how many hits we have on the website?

Answer: Yes this will be technically possible, we will also look to have membership which will help us to see how many people we are engaging


4. Finances over the past year

A detailed overview was provided to money spent over the past year.


5. Projects completed

David updated the group with a detailed overview of what activities needed to be implemented. He stated that the wildlife has started and a key task now was to trim hedges and bushes. There was also a need to get a list together of tools required and a budget for these. David also mentioned the need to get the big area cleared to have the potential to put in a wildlife meadow but given the cold weather conditions this year it may need to wait until next year. He said ‘though this would be later than planned it would continue to provide a wonderful opportunity to get children actively involved’.


6. RSPB Birds

Irene updated the group on feeders implemented to encourage lots of birds and said there was still much work to be done.


7. Law and order over the past year

Derek stated there have been major improvements to the park over the past two years. Key learnings had been to learn and understand what the pólice do and how they do things in the event of any crime. With this in mind it was agreed there was little trouble in the park which was agreed by all as a major success.


8. Re-election of the group 2019 / 2019

The following roles was voted and agreed as follows:


  • Secretary: Paula Woodman

  • Finance: Julie Khan

  • Chair: Derek Kingsland

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