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Your local community park

The Springfield Community Park Nature Area is a community based park located in between Park Rd. and Durnsford Rd. in Bounds Green.

This little patch of woodlands is run by a small (but growing) group of local residents, in particular Derek Kingsland who's dedication and passion to make the park a better place reverberates amongst the residents who frequently enjoy the park. 


The word of mouth start to spread and a few other residents joined Derek so earlier on this year (2016) our group decided to go one step further and the first AGM (Annual general meeting) happended.  On the AGM we have approved the constitution of SPCNA, some officers were elected and by general consensus has been decided that we'd look after the Nature Area and not the whole park, at least on this first step.


The SCPNA is a very much hands on group and we have a lot to do to improve the Nature Area so join us and together we can make the park a better place.

Tree planting day
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